About the artist
A short biography
© 1998 - 2015 Luis Núñez
Luis Nez at the studio
Born  in  Marianao, Cuba, Luis  Núñez has resided in Florida
since 1960.

In 1977  he   graduated  with  a  degree  in electrical  
engineering  from the  University of Miami.

In 1987  Luis, who   always  had  an interest in  the  visual
arts,  started   painting  in oils  as  a   pastime.

Shortly   thereafter,  Luis’ paintings   began   to   reveal   an   
unusual quality,  which encouraged  him  to broaden his    
artistic  horizons  by   joining    Florida International   University  
as  a   visual  arts  student.

In 1993,  he  graduated with  the degree of Bachelor of Fine
Arts, Magna Cum Laude. In his last  year  as  a  student  at  
FIU,    he  participated  in  the   1993   Annual  Juried   Student
Exhibition,   where  he  received  the  event's  highest  award,
the Perry Purchase Award.
His subject matter  is  varied,   from  still  lives   to  an  occasional portrait. However, landscape  painting  is his  favorite form  of  

Although,   Luis  invites the  opportunity to paint  any landscape anywhere in  the world, his heart  is  in  the Florida  landscape.   
His  Everglades,   Biscayne Bay,  Big Cypress and  Florida Keys paintings  capture the light, colors and mood of this beautiful  
and unique part of the world.

He  has  participated  in  numerous  juried  exhibitions  in  the  United States. His works are displayed  in private collections
throughout the United States, Europe, Central America and Australia   as   well  as   in   public   collections  such  as  the   Florida
Department of State, Florida   International  University   Art  in  Public  Places,   Biscayne   National   Park,   The Miami-Dade
College and the Frost Art Museum collections.